Patient Participation Group

Our patient group helps us by looking at some of the services that we provide and giving us feedback from a patient’s perspective as to how it affects them. We usually meet bi monthly and by working with our patients we try and organise our services, and some of our systems, to ensure it is as patient friendly as possible. If you would like to join this group please let us know and we can pass on your details to the Chairperson who will advise you when the next meeting is. This group represents all our patients and new members are always welcome.

The overall purpose of the group is to develop a positive and constructive relationship between patients and the practice to enable the practice to provide the best possible service for patients, through the medium of patient participation.

The aims are:

  1. To promote co-operation between the practice and patients to the benefit of both.
  2. To enhance communication between the patients and all partners and staff of the practice.
  3. To advise the practice of health education needs in the community and to encourage and support the practice in providing appropriate and useful community health education.
  4. To seek the views and comments of patients on any aspects of NHS services and to provide feedback to the practice or other bodies on any issues raised.
  5. To have the option to act as a focus for fund raising activities.

PPG Registration Form

Greasby Patient Participation Group Charter

Greasby Patient Participation Group Leaflet